How to protect your vehicles from fuel theft: monitor your fleets' diesel tanks

Your truck is left at a truck stop in the middle of a long cross-country journey. The next morning you are faced with the realisation that your vehicle's tank has been punctured and siphoned. You have become a victim of diesel theft, costing you thousands of Euros in lost fuel, a punctured tank, and delayed delivery of goods.

Our GPS telematics devices continuously monitor your fuel tanks with the ENAiKOON fuel-tracker, the easiest solution to prevent diesel fuel theft and fraud.


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fuel and diesel theft prevention

The online fleet management software, inViu pro, has been designed for complete control over your fleet

stop and prevent fuel theft

Fuel-tracker keeps you informed of any unusual change in your fuel levels and allows you to have an accounting of tank fill ups

stop diesel theft

The industries most affected by fuel theft are logistics, shipping, and construction.

Traditional methods for fuel theft prevention

  • Employment of guards: this is expensive and not always very practical.
  • Locking gas caps and anti-siphon devices: these are a good preventive method, but easily bypassed by a drill or cut valve.
  • Reinforcement of tank covers: this will only momentarily slow down the thief. The repair-costs to damaged tanks and cut valves are substantial.
  • Rental of more parking space: expensive option and will not discourage most thieves.
  • Brightly illuminated parking space: organized diesel theft will occur regardless
  • Diesel dyes: a good way to mark who is allowed to use the diesel, but the diesel can be filtered.

How to prevent diesel theft in different industries

Fuel theft is a growing and pervasive problem worldwide and there are countless remedies that only reduce the risk and fails to be tailored for customers' specific needs. Our ENAiKOON telematics GPS tracking devices are specifically configured with the function and industry in mind for each machinery, equipment, or vehicle. The solution to prevent and stop fuel theft begins by tackling in-house fuel theft. The combination of our GPS devices and fuel-tracker will let you know the location of each refill and an estimate of how much was filled in the tank. Moreover, should your vehicle be directly siphoned, you can be immediately notified by email or text message (SMS) and sound off an audible alarm whenever unusual activity occurs.

Innovative fleet management system

Vehicles and trucks are busy delivering goods, often hundreds of kilometres away from the headquarters that make control and management of the fleet arduous. On-time delivery and reliability are essential competitive advantages, but being able to deliver on these promises requires a powerful, comprehensive, and user-friendly fleet management software.

The fleet management software, ENAiKOON inViu pro has been specifically developed to solve these challenges. Fleet management is made easier through the monitoring of the information collected from the innovative telematics devices mounted on your vehicles. Have all the information necessary to fulfil obligations to your customers while reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs.