inViu pro


inViu pro is a highly-secure, advanced web portal that manages all of your telematics data and the monitoring of trackables, such as trucks, construction equipment, or tankers with pinpoint accuracy. It helps you with the management of your vehicles by showing always the actual position, reports of driven routes, driving behaviour, idle time, and much more.

In the field

Used by companies that need to monitor their vehicles. Industries include transport, logistics, landscaping, city management, construction, cleaning, health care, security, and public entities.

Main features

  • clear display of all trackables, such as mobile employees, cleaning crew, and landscapers, and the data they collect
  • flexible layout with multiple portlet options
  • locate assets, mobile employees, cleaning crew, and landscapers in real time with OpenStreetMap
  • create geofences
  • receive an e-mail or text message (SMS) alert whenever a trackable enters or leaves a geofence
  • export meaningful reports in PDF, XLS, or CSV files
  • create proof documentations
  • completely customisable with various plugin options
  • offers access control so that only authorised employees may enter certain rooms or use designated equipment
  • records working hours of mobile employees, cleaning crews, and landscapers
  • provides individualised evaluations per task, vehicle, application, or route

Packaged combos

inViu pro + ENAiKOON locate-04 + ENAiKOON fuel-level sensorENAiKOON fuel-tracker = Live monitoring of tank contents of vehicles and machinery and protection from fuel theft.