ENAiKOON locate-06 is an affordable GPS tracking device used to collect and transmit data of mobile objects.

ENAiKOON locate-06 is both a GPS receiver and a GPRS / text message (SMS) sender. This device allows global positioning and communication between the dispatcher and mobile assets, such as trucks, cars, and ships. These functions give users full control of their mobile objects, allowing them to lower costs and improve operational efficiency.

In the field

Generally used by courier and freight companies in the transport and logistics industries as well as emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks. Also used in the construction and agricultural industries on construction and farm equipment.

Product enhanced version

ENAiKOON locate-06 with CAN-bus interface

ENAiKOON locate-06
with CAN-bus interface

Main features

ENAiKOON locate-06 transmits pinpoint GPS positions, directional data, and travelling speed data of the trackable. It also has the added capability to send messages to a navigation system from the dispatch centre. Scheduled alerts and concise reports will help improve fleet management and driver coordination. In addition, it has the ability to track working hours of employees, their time at a job site, and the operating hours of equipment and machinery.

Technical details

  • size: 80 x 67 x 20 mm
    (3.14 x 2.64 x 0.79 in)
  • weight: 145 g (5.11 oz)
  • 4 digital inputs (for ignition data, working hours, etc.)
  • 4 digital outputs (with 200 mA/h)
  • vibration sensor by G-force sensor
  • 1 wire connection for driver-id and temp-sensor
  • connection for an ENAiKOON display
  • connection for an ENAiKOON camera
  • connection for an ENAiKOON fuel-tracker
  • 3 serial interfaces
  • 65-channel GPS receiver
  • quad-band GSM model
  • emergency battery 1100 mA/h
  • E-4 approval
  • power supply 8 V to 32 V
  • made in Germany

Packaged combos

ENAiKOON locate-06 + ENAiKOON ultrasonic fuel-level sensor + ENAiKOON fuel-tracker + inViu pro + ENAiKOON display + ENAiKOON messenger = fuel-level metering + average fuel consumption report + fuel-theft detection and alerting + centralised written communication between drivers and dispatching centre.

Mobile phone software

  • inViu routes
    displays the position of all trackables on an Android phone and sends the mobile phone's current position to inViu pro