Fuel theft prevention for fleet management, construction, and agricultural industries

The industry suffering most by fuel theft is in logistics and shipping. Diesel is the lifeblood of the industry and both the siphoning of tanks and in-house theft is prevalent. Theft occurs mostly because trucks must park overnight in foreign areas. Fraudulent activity can also be seen by the driver or petrol station attendant, a commonplace that often goes unnoticed.

Large construction companies also have problems keeping track of all of their equipment's locations. With such a wide range of tanks, construction machinery, forklifts, vibratory compactors, bulldozers and other machinery, robbers take advantage of this confusion to steal both unattended diesel and machinery.

Modern farming requires the use of diesel consuming machines. Many countries have fuel subsidies to protect their farmers from price fluctuations and suffuse the diesel with a dye to mark the vehicle for farming purposes only. This cheap fuel attracts organized crime who either resell to other farmers or clean the fuel using advanced filtration processes.

Benefits of ENAiKOON's complete tracking and tracing system

  • always know the exact location of all your vehicles
  • create complex analysis of all relevant information: contents of the fuel tank, speed protocols, CAN-bus data, etc.
  • all data is securely stored on ENAiKOON servers
  • easy and convenient access to data via the internet at any time using a simple web browser
  • any deviation in kilometre or fuel statements can be quickly discovered through devices installed on the vehicle

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Anti-fuel theft

"While other solutions have failed, ENAiKOON fuel-tracker has proved its effectiveness against fuel theft and saves us significant amounts of money."

Logistics planning

"In fleet management, I've never used such a useful product that is so fast and easy to implement to all our vehicles."

Construction equipment management

"To have all of my units equipped with ENAiKOON devices makes it possible to control which equipment is being used and where it is operating."

  • devices are assembled in just a few minutes
  • maintenance free
  • includes a detailed handbook and free customer hotline
  • German-made reliability
  • an efficient and precise internet-based solution
  • no software installation required
  • data calls over any web browser or mobile phone
  • possible compatibility with your existing software programs
  • automatic text message (SMS) is sent whenever an unusual amount of fuel is being consumed
  • operates even when the ignition is turned off
  • prevents fuel theft