anti fuel theft system

avoid fuel theft




A transport company based in southern Germany had been dealing with a recurrent fuel theft problem for over two years.


In more than 10 of the cases, the fuel theft took place in an isolated truck transport site.  The company then installed surveillance cameras to capture the thief in the act, but they were unable to identify the offender and failed to stop the crime. Finally, the local police stepped in and watched the site for several weeks but even that was unsuccessful.


The company started to use the ENAiKOON fuel-tracker in the summer of 2010. Shortly after the installation, the client received a text message (SMS) alert, informing him that fuel was being stolen from one of his trucks. The client immediately called the police and the thief was caught red-handed.


While other solutions have failed, ENAiKOON fuel-tracker has proved its effectiveness against fuel theft. Since the contents of the fuel tank are always remotely available for viewing, the customer can react quickly when unusual activity is suspected.

The following devices, accessories, applications, and plugins were used for this solution: