fleet management


Gütertransport Brusendorf GmbH
Mittenwalde, Germany
Piotr Frank, technician manager




Gütertransport Brusendorf GmbH is a freight company in northern Germany with 150 employees and a large fleet of vehicles.


The company suffered from typical problems faced by freight companies: expensive route overlaps, empty container trips, poor driver coordination resulting in double trips, vehicle theft, and the difficult retrieval of broken-down vehicles left on roadsides. They also faced unique challenges at the company. "Our hope was to find a better system for supervising the drivers so that any deviation from the assigned route for private purposes would not go unnoticed. Unfortunately, this was an issue we had previously experienced with one of our long-time employees."


"After extensive testing of all the products available on the market, we finally decided to equip over a hundred of our vehicles with the ENAiKOON locate-06 and use their online portal, inViu pro." On the road or at the office, now with the inViu pro software on his laptop, the fleet manager is always able to find the exact location of all vehicles in use.


The use of telematics together with ENAiKOON's powerful software resulted in meaningful reports and real-time pinpoint GPS locations for all vehicles, providing the fleet manager with the perfect support for improving fleet performance.

The following devices, accessories, applications, and plugins were used for this solution: